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The psychologists at our office are always open to discuss unique ways that we may be of assistance to you.

 Consultations are services that are not direct treatment or assessment, but can help someone or an agency with a question they may have. This may include discussing whether an assessment may help a particular situation, or whether treatment is needed for a client. It may also involve providing education regarding the meaning of a particular diagnosis, describing the general format of an assessment, discussing how assessments or treatment may be useful, or assisting the process of implementing a treatment program.

Program Evaluation

Program evaluations involve a more structured approach to examine a service or program that currently exists (usually related to the types of services that we offer, such as reviewing a treatment program, a training program, or another organization that provides assessment). Program evaluations usually involve researching the current accepted "gold standards" for a program or service, and then evaluating how a specific program matches up. One of the main purposes for program evaluation is to suggest options for "fine tuning" a program, and to help it run more efficiently, effectively, or ethically.

Specialized consultation or evaluation programs can be developed upon request. Please contact us to determine whether these specialized services would be useful to your organization or situation.

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